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Weekly Writing Challenges

Let your creativity flow...

Writing Weekly
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Weekly writing contests to improve and promote creativity through the art of the word.

Writing Weekly

Community Rules & Schedule

Welcome to Writing Weekly. This community is for weekly writing challenges. Every week, a new theme will be posted and the community members will write either a drabble, oneshot, or free length submission for that particular week.

Drabble: Less than 300 words
Oneshot: 300 words or higher
Free Length: No word count restriction

At the end of each challenge, members will vote in a poll to determine the week's winner. The winners will receive banners/graphics as awards. You do not have to enter a submission to be a member or to vote in any of the contests, but we encourage as much participation as possible.

Community Guidelines

    Posting Entries: All submissions must be LJ-cut, spell-checked and have a reasonable attempt at proper grammar and punctuation. Please keep posts neat and follow the format for submissions.

    Content: All ratings, genres, pairings, and characters are welcome, but each submission should include a brief warning if any adult content is present (See our Format guidelines).

    Member Behavior: Constructive criticism is strongly encouraged. We are all here to practice our writing, and receiving comments encourages community participation and creative improvement. Attacking, flaming, or criticizing in a nonconstructive manner may result in the offending member being banned from the community. Please keep a sense of mutual respect with all members.

    Timeline: Themes are posted each Friday, usually by the afternoon (US Central Time). Submissions can be submitted beginning when the theme is announced until the next Friday at 11:59 PM Central Time. After submissions end, voting will begin the next day (Saturday) and remain open until Monday at 5:00 PM Central Time. Voters will be announced promptly that day.

    Voting: Voting will be conducted by poll after the submission period ends. Only members may vote once. Voting for yourself is accepted.

    Submission: Please submit only one entry per theme.

    Contact: If any problems or questions arise, do not hesitate to contact the maintainer, Heidi (fairy_glamour), via LJ or by emailing storybookheidi@gmail.com.

Submission Format

    ♥ In the Title, state the Week # and theme. For example: Week #116 - Theme Name.

    ♥ Contest submission entries must include the following header:

Author: (Your name or username)
Warnings: (Adult content, sexual content, violence, disturbing content, etc.)
Word Count:

You may also add genre, summary, author's notes, fandom, etc.

    ♥ After the header, please utilize an lj-cut and then include the text of your story/submission. The maintainer will tag your entry.

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